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June 16th, 2019

Have you got an old car you’re looking to sell or have removed? If this is the case, then Cash for Old Cars, Perth, is a company you may want to contact.

Cash For Old Cars Perth – Licensed Cash For Car Dealer

With years of experience under our belt, we buy old cars no-one else will.

Our prices are always the best in the market. If you have an old car, you either want to sell or get rid of – you can trust Cash for Cars Perth to give you a good price for it.

Cash for old cars Perth buys old cars no one else will

Our prices are fair, our dealings too. All our transactions are upfront. We do not attempt to pressure-sell or pull the wool over our customers’ eyes.

Cash for cars is a business we’ve been involved with for years

We buy old cars because they are our passion.

What do we do with old cars we buy? We take them apart. Those parts that are usable, we sell for a small profit. Those parts that aren’t, we simply clean, degreased and dispose off in ways that are environmentally thoughtful.

What do we do with the car bodies? We strip them off paint which is toxic to our environment and sell the metal off as scrap.

The cash for car business in Australia is mainly run by small traders and immigrants

The profits in the business are marginal- they pay the bills- little more than that.

What little money we get from selling your car’s old parts and metal body, we share with you.

Are there businesses that are still polite and courteous in Australia?

We’d like to believe so. As Perth’s leading cash for car dealer, we believe it is up to us to care for our customers – not merely deal with them.

Polite, courteous service – we consider, a standard part of the package we deliver you with when you sell your car, 4 WD, Jeep, Van or truck to us.

Old is gold when it comes to cars

Prices for old cars can range from $50 to $13,000.

What price you get for your car depends on what condition it’s in, of course.

If your car is brand new and for whatever reason, you can longer afford the repayments, you could receive a fair sum if you sell it to us.

It is better to sell a car you can no longer afford that risk a bad credit score or profile.

Cash For Old Cars is One of the World’s Fastest-Growing Businesses

People need cash and they need it fast.

Understanding this simple need has allowed the cash for car industry in Australia, Canada and the US flourish.

Plus, cash for car companies have packaged efficiency and service that even new car dealers sometimes struggle to match.

All these factors have made it more worthwhile to sell your car to a cash for car dealer rather than advertise to sell it to a private buyer.

What will you do with your money when you receive it?

Cash for Old Cars Perth has been paying people hard cash for their old cars for years. What will you do with your money when we pay it to you?

Splash out on a new iPhone X, buy an engagement ring for your Missus or get yourself a new or used sports car?

We’ll leave that decision to you – meanwhile if you wish to sell your old car – fast – we’re talking same-day sale – do give us a call on 0481 794 410.

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